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Daters and Numberers

Stamps with rotating datebands, text bands, customized text or various stock texts for every situation. With different plate sizes and different imprint colors (black, blue, green red, violet and blue/red)
  • Trodat Self-Inking Daters

    With and without die plates, in all shapes and sizes! Metal heavy-duty and plastic high- volume mounts available with black, blue, red, green, purple and some with blue/red ink.
  • Trodat Non Self-Inking Daters

    Requires separate ink pad. From single line daters to large die plate daters, we have one for your every need.
  • Trodat Numberers

    Both self-inking and non self-inking. We offer all sizes, number ranges, with and without die plates.
  • 2000Plus Printer Line Daters

    Snap-in, snap-out replaceable ink-cartridges - good for more than 25000 impressions.
  • Xstamper Die Plate Daters

    The sturdy Die Plate Dater prints the date in 1 color while printing your custom message in the margin around the date in another color.
  • Shiny Self-Inking Daters

    All daters come with a band cover protecting your hands from ink and your guaranteed a minimum of 11 years on the date band.