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Custom and Address Stamps

Stamps can be individualized for every need - as company or address stamps, also available with company logos, text stamps, daters, numberers or phrase stamps in many different sizes. Most of them are equipped with a built-in ink pad. You can find Self-Inking Text Stamps, Xstamper Quix, Mobile Printy Stamps, Professional Line Stamps, Maxlight Pre-Inked stamps, Clothing Stamps, and Regular Hand stamps.
  • Color Series Stamp

    Below are our Premier Mark self-inking stamp. Our economy line of stamps. Choose from a variety of colors.
  • Xstamper QuiX Q18 -Large Custom Address Stamp with Free Ink Refill

    Pre-Inked for Thousands of Clear Impressions. Highly Recommended Large Custom Stamp for Office Forms, Return Address, Notary and Wedding Invitation up to 5 Lines
  • Trodat Maxlight Pre-Inked Stamps

    The MaxLight pre-inked stamp from Trodat provides FOUR TIMES the impressions of a self-inking stamp before it needs to be re-inked and will last hundreds of thousands of impressions. Durable, quiet and clean, the MaxLight from Trodat is the clear choice for pre-inked users around the world. • Clean and simple re-inking process • Dust cover to keep the stamp clean in the messiest of environments • Low-emissions manufacturing process with no added chemicals • Available in 20 sizes and 5 different ink colors.
  • Printy Line - Self-Inking Text Stamps

    The Original Trodat Printy - often copied, but never equaled! There is the right Printy for every requirement. Available in more than 15 different sizes, all with a built-in inkpad (5 different ink colors available). Whether for a name or address stamp, with or without logo or whatever the requirement, there is a Printy with the required text plate size available.
  • Professional Line - Self-Inking Text Stamps

    The Professional Line is a premium stamp guaranteed to provide a long-lasting product with a perfect impression every time. Available to be used for your company name, address and company logo. The Professional Line has a built-in inkpad available in 5 different colors.
  • Regular Hand Stamps

    The traditional hand stamp is the solution to any stamping application when using an ink pad. Various widths and lengths. Consider our Self-Inking Stamps or Pre-Inked Stamps for greater efficiency and convenience.
  • Clothing Marker

    The stamp impression provides a unique identification after washing to avoid any confusion. So the garment always finds its way back to its owner after cleaning. Perfect for marking clothes, backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases, binders and more for Summer Camps or Back to School Time!
  • Cosco Printer Line

    The patented X-LARGE window provides prominent space for branding and personalization. The Dual Pad Version includes a built-in spare ink pad for double stamp life.
  • Xstamper ECO-GREEN Self-Inking Stamps

    ClassiX ECO-GREEN Self-Inking stamps are constructed wiht over 50% recycled content by weight.
  • Xstamper Pre-Inked Stamps

    Personalize with a message, signature, logo or artwork. Stamps are pre-inked in your choice of red, black, blue, green or purple. Up to 50000 Impressions before re-inking. Soft ergonomic SureGrip® design. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.
  • Xstamper Spin'N Stamp

    Put your 3 most important stamps in 1 convenient spot. With a simple spin, you can move from stamp to stamp to stamp. It's easy to slide additional stamps in and out to fit your needs.